Sensual, heady, exotic.

PassionFlower was created to combine Becc Sanderson’s devotion to torch singing with her passionate desire to give the audience a more theatrical experience with her music, transcending the “gig” and creating a new genre, one she calls “New Torch”. Add to this a vow to burrow into the very essence of the lyric of each song, with elements of cabaret and performance art, plus the combination of musical genres; jazz, rock, pop, and (most importantly) her own original songs, Becc likens PassionFlower to “... watching a Music Video or film. Live.”

No more random choices of repertoire, each song was chosen as part of the theme, the story and journey, with the integral character of "She" emerging as the narrative almost began to write itself. Inspired by Dumas' The Lady of the Camellias and Sherlock Holmes' The Woman, “She” is perfectly in control, in her life and love. Beginning her journey is the song Camellia (penned by Sanderson and her long-time collaborator, M.D and husband Chris Greive), a lecture on how to conduct yourself in love, control is all. “She”, who in Nirvana's Marigold revels in her power, and relishes the acid tongued, arched tone of New York's The Magnetic Fields' The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be. But as the song progresses, the tone slips, and doubt creeps this addiction to control the best way? Will She surrender? Will She give in to love?

Songs by such diverse artists as Tom Waits, Radiohead and Elvis Costello quickly follow and are plundered for their musical and dramatic leanings, the journey gradually revealing itself. Not a word is spoken between each song, a journey full of regret, loss and above all, love. That sensual, electrical spark at love's beginning, the sweetness as we fall “in”. The poignancy of a mother's love, with the realisation that as your children grow up, they also grow away. The bitterness and rage at scorned love. Each flower, each song reveals more about the radiant Woman at the shows heart

Performed with a band of exemplary musicians, (Graeme Stephen – Guitar, Emma Smith – Bass) PassionFlower is once again a perfect collaboration with her husband, Chris Greive, lead trombonist with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (fresh from their successful tour of the U.S and Canada) and an internationally renowned arranger/composer. Co-penning all the original songs in PassionFlower with Sanderson, it is his vivid arrangements that bathe the audience in an incandescent sound-scape, and help to define New Torch.

Originally created for the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe in 2012, PassionFlower also heralded a collaboration with Scottish theatre-maker and playwright Duncan Kidd. Bringing fresh eyes, and an innate ability for narrative, Kidd's input and guidance helped take PassionFlower from an eclectic collection of songs into a luminous performance of visual and aural flair. Kidd has a long standing and successful collaboration with acclaimed Scottish youth theatre company, Strangetown, penning a total of ten plays at their commission, including the triumphant #Revenge at 2012's National Festival of Youth Theatre, which was performed by Strangetown to rapturous acclaim.

PassionFlower is a theatrical and musical experience of a performer at the height of her powers. A Woman capable of gracing the hallowed spaces of the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall and Edinburgh’s Usher Hall with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra's Big Band, or pulling the audience in up close at more intimate venues, such as her performances at the Shetland Jazz Festival, and the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe in 2011 and 2012. Add to this her recent triumphant return to home town, Perth, Western Australia, playing to capacity crowds at three different venues. This is Becc Sanderson's New Torch discovering its glow in dazzling new places, and shining her voice into the darker shadows of heartache and desire.

photo by Peter Dibdin