Images for, and from my new show that had it's debut at 2015's Edinburgh Fringe.

Becc Sanderson Sextet - Halloween at The Jazz Bar

A fantastically appreciative audience (and pretty sizeable if I do say so myself), incredible arrangements from Chris Greive, and playing that at times just about took the roof off. All and all, a brilliant night!

PassionFlower House Concert 2013

As always, playing a house concert at 42 Royal Park Terrace is a pleasure. However, performing PassionFlower there on Saturday the 5th of October was such a pure unmitigated joy, words cannot do it justice. We had a small, but perfectly formed audience who were with us every step of the way, and I am hugely grateful for their presence. Enormous thanks go again to Douglas Robertson (photographer extraordinaire, whose work you can see in this gallery) and Jane-Ann Purdy for opening their home to us musicians. They are the best of us.

Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Thanks to Peter Dibdin for once again making the time to come and take these from the penultimate night of my run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012. Lovely man, amazing photographer.

PassionFlower 2012

After having Peter Dibdin take the wonderful shots you can see below, I thought he was the perfect person to collaborate with for PassionFlower's new incarnation at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe 2012. He didn't disappoint.

Edinburgh Fringe 2011

Thanks to Peter Dibdin for these wonderful photos from the final night of PassionFlower at the Edinburgh Fringe, 2011.

The Girl Singer

These shots were the result of my first collaboration with the wonderful Billy Allan. What this man does with a pinned up piece of fabric and a hand held Ikea lamp is nothing short of miraculous!I'll be using them for my upcoming project "The Girl Singer", stay tuned!


A collection of shots that were taken in a single session with the hugely talented Billy Allan. These gorgeous photos were one of the original inspirations for the show.

Lounge Tour

Launched on Saturday the 26th of February, 2011, The Becc Sanderson PassionFlower Lounge Tour was an intimate and esoteric series of performances leading to my Edinburgh Fringe show, PassionFlower. Originally inspired by the tradition of bringing theatre and music into private homes for the enjoyment of family and friends, it was exclusively performed in peoples lounge rooms or small venues. And an old fashioned way to raise funds for my Fringe show, with the guests paying a nominated donation or ticket price. Plus of course the added bonus of spreading the word about PassionFlower, and giving the audience an exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming show.